Lock Change / Lock Upgrades

Lock Change

if you need a lock change we are your local go too locksmiths. We suggest that if you move home its a good idea to change the locks as your will never really know who has a key. the same with if you loose a key you don’t know who has it and why take a chance with a new lock you can rest assure than only people you trust have a key to your door.

If your struggling to turn your key it might also bee time for a new lock, not always but its best to let us have a look prevention really is better tan cure.

we are more than happy to visit your premises and give your a free no obligation quote.

Lock Upgrades

Dose your insurance require British Standard ? or do you want the added peace of mind that you have the added protection of British standard locks. 

90% of home onwners do not know if there insurance requires British Standard locks this can lead to a potential devastating effect should the worst happen.

Please check your insurance and if you do require a Lock upgrade contact us we are more than happy to assist you.

Additional Security

Additional security this can be anything from a spy glass viewer or chain on your front door to window locks or bespoke security needs.

we can cater for most security needs so should you need your security bolstered up or your insurance requires you to have more (some do require multiple locks) then give us a call.

we can arrange a free consultation to asses your needs and give your a very competitive quote.

British standard lock
British standard locks
  • Upvc/ Composite door Locks 

  • Wooden door locks

  • Internal/External doors catered for

  • Window Locks

  • Garage Locks 

  • Garage Security

  • And Many More Services 

  • Additional Door Security

  •  Window Security

  • Shed Security